About the Dakini

Vajrayogini and Vajravarahi are class of deities called Dakini in Highest Yoga Tantra.

Vajra Yogini is the inner essence of the Heruka Chakrasamvara Tantras. She is the feminine manifestation of Divine Wisdom. Standing in the realm of wisdom she is naked to the world. She has no shame and her realization is fearless. As the Divine Feminine she is feisty and beyond limitations.Standing upon Bhairava and Kalaratri she controls anger and lust. She has cut up reality with her cleaver of wisdom and consumes it in the cup of inseparable bliss and voidness. Vajra Yogini is said to be the inner essence of the Heruka Tantras. Reliance on Vajra Yogini quickly bestows realization and the ability to travel to the Khechari Pure Lan
source: http://www.vajra-yogini.org/en/1/about.html
Full goldplated Vajra Yogini Statue, Nepal

  • 10 cm W x 16 cm H
  • 4 inches W x 6.3 inches H
  • 601 grams

Ekajati is the supreme protectress of Ati Great Perfection Teaching, Dzogchen. She is a guardian of the tantric path and protects it from those who are unworthy. She removes obstacles to the life and accomplishment of those who do practice on the Secret Mantra path.
source: http://www.taraco.com/ref.html#Deities%20Described

  • 12 cm W x 13.5 cm H
  • 4.7 inches W x 5.3 inches H
  • 542 grams

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